Wednesday, 6 November 2013

How to factory reset a Mac?


Planning to sell your old Mac? Then you must be thinking to factory reset the system. This will give a fresh start to a new user as well as keep your data secured from the new owners of your Mac. Formatting your system and reinstalling OS X is a best way to do it.

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•Before formatting, don’t forget to take complete backup your system using Time Machine or System cloning tool.
•After this, remember to disable services associated with your system. As there are some services that are machine-specific thus, you need to authorize those with a limited number of machines to work.
•Any upgrades or expansions to the system should be removed. Also, if you have RAM and hard drive upgrades then remove them using Mac Pro with PCI express cards installed. But, if you are selling them together as a package then leave it as it is.
•Obviously, the next thing is to format the system as well as reinstall the OS software. Actually, the version of OS X that you are installing is a copy licensed to you. Thus, when the new owners reinstall the original version of OS X then they can choose the version of their own choice.

For reinstalling, if your Mac has gray installation and restoration DVD then insert it into the optical drive and reboot with the C key held down. Choose your language and then select “Disk Utility” from the Utilities menu. In this menu, choose your internal hard drive as well as you can see a “Partition” tab. In this tab, you can go for “1 Partition” and then give it a name. You can set it as "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)," and apply the changes. 
Well, if you don’t have any DVD then you can take help from Internet Recovery to reinstall the original version of OS X. By accessing Apple’s server, it will download the installation tools as per your version.

Make sure you have good Internet connection for use with Internet Recovery. Then reboot the system using the option-Command-R keys. Again, you have to partition the internal boot drive using Disk Utility.
After formatting the hard drive, proceed towards running the OS X installer and wait for the content downloading. When the installer will complete the task, the system gets restart and show you the welcome screen of the OS X setup assistant. Holding the power button will shut off the system. Now, it is ready for new users to turn on and set up. 
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