Sunday, 24 November 2013

Delete Windows update files to regain hard-drive space


Are you tired of Windows 7 updates that capture most of the space of your hard disk? Then you can clear out the updates using tools that are provided in Windows itself. If you are going to remove old update files then make sure you have installed all the recent updates of Windows 7.


Step 1: Open the “Start” menu, type “clean mgr” in the search box, then hit “Enter.” Now, Disk Cleanup will ask you where Windows is installed. After completing the process, you need to press the button “Clean up system files.” In case, you don’t see this button then you will get all the required options in your list.

Step 2: Check the box available next to Windows Update Cleanup and any other files you need to clean and click “OK.” Disk Cleanup started deleting all of the files as per the selection that was made.
(Optional) Step 3: Also, you can clean out the System restore files as well as Shadow Copies. For this, click “More options” tab at the top and choose “Clean up” under System restore and Shadow Copies. It will delete the most recent of each.

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