Friday, 18 October 2013

Top 10 Hard Drive Upgrades and Fixes


It is necessary to upgrade your hard drive timely. You should be able to perform functions including back up, recovery of files and improving storage space. 

Hard Drive Upgrades -1

1.If you have a good spare hard drive then you can set up automatic hard drive backup through Windows. There are two routes: online backup and offline back up. For this purpose, tools like Dropbox for online syncing and Time Machine for external hard drive backups are available.
2.Upgrade your hard drive and transfer all your media to it. There is no need to re-install everything.
3.Furthermore, you can setup a boot camp for Mac and Windows. You can boot Windows 7 with XP or Vista. Dual boot Linux with Windows 7 is also possible.
4.You can install a hard drive by yourself. No need to go to any tech shops for this purpose.
5.When your hard drive gets damaged or corrupted, you need to recover all your important stuff. If you are not able to get into your system then go for a live Ubuntu thumb drive to grab files and fix things. Also, Recuva is the best recovery tool to recover files from hard drives, SD cards, iPods, and much more.
6.Make sure to remove all the unnecessary stuff from your hard drive to free up space.
7.Convert all your built-in storage into an external drive.
8.Image your hard drive using DriveImage XML so that you can have a complete image of your system.
9.Always erase the data from your hard drive completely. 
10.After a time, your machine gets noisy. Thus, you can use rubber shock absorbers or elastic suspension to make it noise free.
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