Friday, 11 October 2013

How to Set Up Remote Desktop Access?


Remote desktop access is very important for IT professionals to fix a less sophisticated user’s system. For accomplishing this task, there are certain tools available like Team Viewer, LogMeIn and GoToMyPC. Other than this, Windows has two built-in tools called Remote Desktop Connection and Remote Assistance. 


Requirements for connecting to a PC using Remote Connection:
1.Make sure that both the PCs are on and connected to the Internet. 
2.For enabling remote assistance, open the Control Panel and type "Remote" in its search box. Also, you could right-click on computer and select “Properties.” After that, choose “Remote” settings on the left panel. You will find a top choice of “Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer." Check this box.


3.Type "Remote Assistance" in the Start button's search box and click on Windows Remote Assistance. This opens the following dialog:


Click "Invite someone you trust to help you."
4.In the next step, you will find three options for sending the invitation.


The last option “Use Easy Connect” is grayed out on the screenshot. This case is when both the computers are not using Windows 7 or 8. If you connected to a public Wi-Fi network then the option is available. Whatever be the case, send invitation to the user of the computer who is going to do the remote controlling.
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