Thursday, 17 October 2013

How to make the systemwide text size even larger in iOS 7?


iOS 7 is available in the market now. It features Dynamic Text through which you can change the default size of text across the entire device. 


1.Find the slider for dynamic text via: Settings > General > Text Size.
2.In case, you have poor vision and not able to see with the largest text size then you can increase it further. For this, go back to the General page in Settings and click on “Accessibility” which is available directly below “Text Size.”

iOS 7

3.After this, tap “Larger Type.”

iOS 7-2

4.At the top of the next screen, turn on “Larger Dynamic Type.” When it gets enabled, the slider below doubles in width and gives you twice the range of the slider on the Text Size menu.

iOS 7-3

5.It will display text as per your preferred size till this app supports Dynamic Text.
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