Wednesday, 23 October 2013

How to Add RAM to Your Desktop?


Technology is developing rapidly. Thus, we expect a lot from a newly purchased desktop. Running applications, switching between several programs and web browsing should be fast and smooth. In the starting, everything will be very much like this but as time passes your computer becomes slower. This is due to tons of applications as well as data you put in your computer. Well, if you want to stay updated with this digital world then just upgrade your Random access memory. 



If you are using your desktop just for emails and word processing then you need RAM between 384 to 512 MB. The more processing your computer perform, the more RAM you will need. In case, you use your computer for tasks like e-mail, Web surfing, word processing, spreadsheets and software for presentations and illustrations then obviously your desktop requires almost 1GB of RAM. For game lovers, you need RAM between 1 and 2 GB. And, those who use 3-D modeling software need 2GB or more.
In fact, you can find various websites like which can help you to select the type of desktop you need. After choosing the right kind of RAM, you should install the RAM module. While installing it, keep your desktop off and unplugged from any outlets. Otherwise, it would be dangerous if any electrical source is connected to it. Also, you can wear an antistatic wrist strap. It prevents electrostatic discharge.
Most of the desktops are made with either side doors or tops that can be removed using screwdriver. RAM slots are located on the computer motherboard. Usually there are two slots but there may be more. If all the slots are already filled with existing RAM modules then replace the smaller RAM chip with a larger one. Release the tabs holding the module down. Then remove the older one and insert the new, larger one. 
Once you have installed the RAM, close the desktop safely and carefully. Now, Start your computer and the system automatically recognize the new RAM. 
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