Monday, 7 October 2013

Common computer maintenance mistakes


Computer maintenance is very important. But, there are some common mistakes which you do while performing maintenance tasks. 

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Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

Computer failure is commonly due to Electrostatic Discharge. When you perform any type of internal maintenance, you may damage the internal components of the PC. To avoid this, wear an 'anti-ESD' wrist strap. This connects you to an electrical ground and dissipates the ESD generated.

Data Backup

Before performing maintenance, you should take complete system/data backup. If anything goes wrong then you must have backup to recover. For this, you can use CD/DVD installed in your PC. Another alternative is to go for an external USB hard drive. Further, you can perform System Restore. To perform this task, run the System Restore application from the Start -> Program Files -> Accessories -> System Tools menu.

Cleaning inside your computer

After a time, your computer experiences a buildup of dust inside. This dust is very harmful for CPU, video card, RAM, etc. as it causes overheating. For resolving this issue, you can buy the can of compressed air through which you can safely blow out the dust. Secondly, you can use a vacuum sweeper with a HIPAA certified filter to blow air.

Hard Drive Maintenance

The most important thing is to take proper care of hard disk. You need to perform disk fragmentation as well as check your disk for errors so as to increase system performance. For accessing these tools, open "My Computer", right-click on the hard drive icon (usually labeled "C:"), and choose properties from the menu that appears. In the new window, click “Tools” and you get the new window with three different maintenance tools. These options are “Error-checking" your hard drive, "Defragmentation" of your hard drive and "Backup" your hard drive. It is recommended that you should run error-check and defragmentation on your hard drive at least once a month. Backup should also be taken as soon as possible.
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