Friday, 11 October 2013

10 Ways to Watch TV and Movies on Your Apple iPad


If you love to watch movies on high-resolution screen then your iPad is the best solution. For making your iPad perfect for watching TV and movies, go through this tutorial. It will help you.

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In order to get the most out of your iPad, there are some apps available which let you watch TV and movies on the iPad. 

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1.Netflix: It will cost $7.99 per month for streaming-only plan. For streaming movies, Netflix is one of the best as well as complete iPad applications. Its library includes full seasons of TV shows like Friday Night Lights and Mythbusters. Also, it has the huge collection of movies ranging from mob dramas like The Godfather to light-hearted animated films like Up.

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2.Hulu Plus: It is for $9.99 per month. Subscribing this, you can get access to back catalogs of TV shows as well as free apps for the iPhone and iPad. Further, it has a huge collection of shows.

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3.Crackle: Available for free, it lets you stream free, ad-supported Hollywood television shows and uncut movies. You can find a variety of classic and contemporary content here.

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4.HBO GO: It is also free with HBO subscription. This enables you to tune into Eastbound and Down, Real Time with Bill Maher, True Blood, and others on the high-resolution screen of your iPad.

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5.Amazon Instant Video: It is free with Amazon Prime membership. It includes a huge collection of la carte TV shows and movies that you can watch right on your iPad.

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6.Aereo: For this, you need to pay $8 per month. With Aereo, you can watch and record live, over-the-air TV directly on your iPad.

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7.Plex: Available at $4.99, Plex is a full-fledged media system for your Mac. It allows you to stream content from your computer and it get connected to your iPad with an app. This app is the medium for streaming the vast collection of your music and video.

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8.SlingPlayer: This app is available at $14.99 and you can watch TV from web on your iPad.

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9.Elgato EyeTV: This is a free app which lets you watch scheduled or recorded shows on your iPad.

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10.TWC TV/Xfinity/Dish Hopper/ DirecTV: It is free with cable subscriptions. There are apps available from big cable providers like Time Warner Cable, Xfinity, Dish, and DirecTV.
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