Friday, 13 September 2013

Pay Pal’s Face recognition based payment system

A new and refreshed version of payment system is introduced by PayPal. Well, till now they have launched a trial edition of the system. With this system, employ face verification is done for helping mobile payments. Initially launched in US, it will be further launched in other countries too. It is a reliable way to make bill payments.

Pay Pal’s

For using this PayPal system, you need to install PayPal app in iOS, Windows phones or Android devices. By introducing local tab in the app, it helps its users to search shops or restaurants where PayPal mobile payments are allowed. But, for its use you first need to install an app. Just go to “check into” tab to check about the place and proceed further to pay a bill.
In store’s payment system, the name and photo of the user will come. After this, the cashier or operator verify and match them with the system. When the customer is ready to make payment, the cashier clicks on user’s photo on the screen to collect the transaction. Then the user gets mobile alert about the payment amount paid to the store. Also, it will send the receipt at user’s email whenever the transaction is done.
But, you need a continuous Internet connection to get the benefits of this system. To make secure and quick payments, this system is very useful. Company is assured that this app and system will get good response from customers. By 2016, this system will be expanded. This program is to promote cash free and electronic payments around the globe. Furthermore, it also prevents fraud payments.
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