Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Internet Connection Not Working Using Mobile Phones or USB Modems in Windows


In case, you are facing problem in connecting to Internet using your mobile phones or USB devices such as USB Modem, etc. then this tutorial is here to help you with the solution.

One of the users using Tata Photon+ wireless broadband data card was getting an error message when he used it in Windows 8.1. The error message was- “Failed to create a phone-book entry.”

Another user also suffered with the same problem and got error message- “Unable to create a phone-book entry.” There were many other users also getting “Could not connect to the Internet” error messages. This is due to the different features and functionality of different Windows versions.
Follow the given steps to fix this issue:
1.Open “Network and Sharing Center” using Control Panel. Also, open it by right-clicking on Network icon in system tray and click on “Open Network and Sharing Center” option.
2.Now click on “Set up a new connection or network” link.

3.A new connection wizard gets open. Click on “Connect to the Internet” option present at first place in the wizard.

If it shows “You are already connected to the Internet” message, click on “Set up a new connection anyway”. Again if it shows “Do you want to use a connection that you already have?” message, select “No, create a new connection” option and click on “Next” button.
4.Now click on “Dial-up” option.

5.After that, you need to enter correct dial-up phone number, username and password. These three things are different for different service providers. If you don’t know these things then contact your customer care. 
Generally for GSM mobile phones and USB modems, the dial-up phone number is *99# or *99***1#. Leave the username and password fields blank.
For CDMA mobile phones and USB modems (Tata Photon+), the dial-up phone number is #777 and username and password is internet (all in small letters).

If the above settings are not working for you, you need to ask your mobile phone customer care for correct settings.

6.Finally, click on “Connect” button to connect to the Internet without any problem.
Furthermore, you can create a shortcut of this connection on Desktop so that you can access it quickly and easily. For its shortcut, click on “Change adapter settings” link given in left-sidebar of “Network and Sharing Center” and there you’ll see your new connection icon. Right-click on it and select create shortcut option. This will create its shortcut on Desktop.

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