Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How create-shared-photo-album-on-facebook?

If you have just returned from a trekking trip and want to share photos then your first choice would be Facebook. But, creating a shared album so as to share all the photos at once as well as your friends can also share photos by uploading photos to the same album is a much easier way. Now, the question arises how? Then have a look on this tutorial.


For this, create an album available under the option of “Photos” in Facebook and then upload photos. After this, open that album which you have just created and at the top right corner as shown below, click on “Make shared album.” Select the contributors and save it. 


Using this, you can add your friends as contributors to this photo album and keep all your photos from everyone at one place. Also, your friends can add more photos and contributors to this photo album. It is important to note that this album will appear in all the contributor’s timeline and they can add, view and edit photos in the album. Although contributors don’t have access to change the privacy settings yet, people who are tagged as well as their friends can view the album in which they are tagged.
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