Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Drag and drop files around your Mac with ease with Yoink

Are you looking for a convenient way to drag a file from one location to drop it in another? Then, go through this tutorial.



By installing Yoink, you can get the convenient way for dragging and dropping process. Yoink slides out a small panel from the edge of your screen and provide a temporary location to drop your files. After that, you can drag it from Yoink to another folder or application. This is really helpful if you use full-screen apps frequently.
In case, you need to drive multiple files then Yoink keeps it into stacks. By clicking on a button to the right of the stack in Yoink, you can spread out the files so that you can individually drag and drop from Yoink. Also, using command key you can highlight multiple files in Yoink to move. Click on X button to its right for removing a file from Yoink as well as there is a preview bunch for each files. If you click on broom icon then it will sweep-out all the files at once. 


Yoink’s preferences allow you to select the location of Yoink’s helpful panel. This appears in the center of the left edge but you can shift it to the top or bottom of the left edge or the right side. Furthermore, you can direct Yoink to ignore certain apps. Also, choose a keyboard shortcut to show and hide Yoink’s panel.
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