Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The power user’s guide to picking the perfect keyboard


Are you still using the same plastic keyboard that came with your PC? Then it’s time to go for a change. Just go through this tutorial and choose an apt keyboard for your PC.


Wired or Wireless
The first thing you need to think about is whether you need a wired keyboard or wireless. Choosing a wireless keyboard can make your desk more uncluttered. But, wireless keyboard have some negative aspects also. Wireless keyboard requires regular charging. Going further, you have another choice with wireless keyboard i.e. you can choose between radio-frequency (RF) and Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth keyboards like Logitech’s diNovo Edge needs more power as compare to their RF counterparts. Also, these keyboards may take time to wake up or remain paired up with your computer.

In case, you are choosing radio-frequency option you should know that most RF wireless keyboards work on the 2.4GHz frequency. And, it makes them susceptible to interference from neighboring devices using same frequency.

Check out the Switches
Always look for switches of the keyboard. Mostly, manufacturers use rubber-dome switches as they are cheap. But, such types of keyboards are not easy to operate. You need to push a button very hard so as to get the tactile feedback. Scissor switches can be used as an alternative to rubber-dome switches. These are almost same but with slimmer profile like Apple’s aluminum keyboard. Cherry MX mechanical switches are also available to replace rubber-dome and scissor keyboards. It has faster feedback capacity by saving both time and effort.
There are different color-coded models of Cherry MX mechanical switches which offer different levels of tactile feedback and resistance. The tactile feedback of Blue and Brown switches lets you enjoy swift and pain-free typing. Blue switches are the most appropriate choice for mechanical keyboard newbies. Red switches are designed for gamers.

Keyboard layout

QWERTY layout of the keyboard with a numeric keypad on the side is not suitable. In fact, numpad-free keyboards are also available as well as some offers to switch from QWERTY layout to Dvorak or Colemak, and back again. Going to the most common configuration, it consists of a 104-key layout with a full set of QWERTY keys and a ten-key numeric keypad.  Nowadays, keyboards with ten-key numeric keypad are becoming popular. Also, the absence of numeric keys like in Truly Ergonomic’s Truly Ergonomic Keyboard and Cooler Master’s CM Storm QuickFire Rapid provides more space next to the keyboard.

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