Wednesday, 28 August 2013

How to print Stickers from your own designed graphic?

If you don’t like the pre-designed and printed stickers available in market then you can create your own sticker. In fact stickers are also useful for business cards, post cards, CD or DVD, etc. By using the Microsoft pre-installed templates, you can make your own stickers. 

1.To use Built-in templates of Microsoft Word, click on “Mailings” tab of “Tools” section of Microsoft Word 2007. You will find two options in the left side- Labels and Envelops. After deciding, select any of the two options.

graphic design-1

2.The pop-up window shows two tabs: Labels and Envelops. Select labels and if you want to take printout of a delivery address then type the address to the corresponding section. Also, you can import a delivery address from your Microsoft Outlook Contact list.

graphic design-2

3.Under the section label, you will find the details of current label. The label uses Microsoft series along with the size. Now, customize your label using the “Options” button.

graphic design-3

4.First, you can change the brand. After this, you can go through a large list of product numbers and select the suitable one, according to your choice and purpose. Finally, click “OK.”

graphic design-4

5.If you would like to take multiple labels in one sheet then you need to redo the process after selecting appropriate rows and columns. In case, you don’t have in-built templates then you can download it from the large collection of Microsoft.
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