Sunday, 4 August 2013

How to overclock your new Haswell CPU like a pro?


The ultimate Haswell PC is powered by a Core i7-4770K, a fast solid-state drive, 8GB of RAM, and a discrete graphics card. For all game lovers, it is terrific. By overclocking your Haswell CPU, you can enhance the PC’s performance.


With the following process, you can overclock your CPU:

1. Firstly, you should know the danger of overclocking. Thermal issues are very common while overclocking Intel’s third-generation Ivy Bridge processors. After overclocking the chips, processors become significantly hotter. Also, the Haswell chips suffer with thermal issues. These chips are made up of similar 22nm tri-gate process, and the same thermal paste which is used under their heat spreaders. Thus, be careful to keep Haswell CPU cool while overclocking.

2. The overclocking of Haswell CPU can be done using any cooler. But, make sure that the CPU cooler is as powerful as the overclock. Gargantuan air cooler from Noctua can be used for the overclocking experiment. Its heat-sink assembly is made up of a copper base and multiple copper heat pipes that are linked to a large as well as dense array of aluminum cooling fins.

3. For overclocking Haswell CPU, a CPU with the "K" designator is required. In two ways, you can overclock your CPU; by increasing its multiplier or by increasing its base clock (BCKL) frequency. Intel’s Haswell chips offers only limited BCLK adjustments.

4. Basically, overclocking is altering voltages and managing temperatures to maintain stability at higher frequencies. Using the free programs like Real Temp and CPU-Z, you can test your own PC to overclock the processor. The baseline information can help you to determine that whether you need additional cooling or not as well as how much additional voltage is safe.

5. The motherboard which can be used for the build has a BIOS/UEFI with a full complement of overclocking tools built in. After entering the BIOS, bumped up the processor’s voltage to 1.21V. Then change the highest multiplier for each core from 39 to 42. After saving these changes, tests for stability are performed.

6. When all the things are done, you can try what additional performance your system gained after overclocking. Talking about the multi-threaded POV-Ray benchmark, the system processed 1544.13 pps (pixels per second). And, a low-res (1024 by 768), low-quality Crysis benchmark 237.16 fps (frames per second) are processed.

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