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How to buy a laptop for college?

Want to buy a laptop for college? Then have a look on this tutorial.

What you need
1.The most important feature of a laptop is long battery life. You can go for models with Intel’s fourth-generation Core processor as they are good in power consumption.
2.When it comes to choose a laptop for college then obviously it should be light with small profile. At least, a slim laptop can reduce your burden to a certain extent.

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3.Whether you are surfing web, writing instant messages or simply cruising social networks, your keyboard should be instrumental. Thus, a comfortable keyboard is another feature which you should check.
4.If you love multitasking then tiny display won’t help. Therefore, large screen is the suitable choice for a multitasking person.

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5.Always look for a warranty or protection plan so as to keep your laptop away from hassles.
6.Security software is also very important to keep your laptop free from viruses, malware and other malicious things. These types of security programs include Avast Free Antivirus and Microsoft Security Essentials. But, there are other types of security software which protects your PC or laptop if it is stolen such as GadgetTrak, Hidden, and LoJack.

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What you don’t need

1.If you just need to surf the web and write papers then a dual-core processor is sufficient. There is no need to go for quad-core processor.
2.For hard-core game lovers, you don’t need to buy a heavy gaming notebook with discrete graphics card. Instead, go for a lightweight, power-efficient, thin and light laptop.
3.Solid-state drive is effective in keeping your data safe. But, for a student laptop a capacious mechanical hard drive should be there.

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4.Touchscreen is not very necessary for a student. You can perform any task using laptop’s touchpad and keyboard.
5.There is no need to have 4G to stay connected. Students can also use free Wi-Fi hotspots found in the campus.

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