Sunday, 4 August 2013

Desktop land grab: Essential tips for multimonitor productivity


Multimonitor setups are highly common nowadays as LCD prices are dropping. Thus, multimonitors can be used for heavily graphical work, intensive multitasking and serious gaming. This can enhance your work productivity a lot.


1. Remember that more monitors take more space. Therefore, measure the work area before buying the monitors. After deciding how many monitors you need, purchase them at the same time. Models that are available today may not be there in the market after two months. And, pairing different models together can create various hurdles for you.

2. After purchasing, you need to arrange all the monitors so as to get comfortable viewing angles. By using monitor arms or monitor support, you can plan, tilt, rotate and lift the display to the optimal position. For first-person shooter games, Portrait mode is nice. But, for other desktop application windows it may not be suitable in that orientation. Wire everything neatly using cable ties or cable wrap.

3. All monitors have multiple input ports like DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, and VGA. By using one port for your primary computer, connect others to a nearby server or a test machine.

4. For smooth functioning of all the monitors, Microsoft has provided number of shortcuts. For example, using Windows-Left arrow key or Windows-Right arrow key combination will dock the active window to the side of the current monitor. Also, pressing additional keys will move the docked window to the next monitor. There are third-party window managers which can help you to navigate across multiple monitors more easily.

5. Mouse acceleration on your multimonitor system can help you to work fast. Also, go to “Mouse properties” then to “Pointer options” and select “Show location of pointer when I press CTRL key.” With the “Snap to” feature, move the mouse cursor to the default option of a dialog box automatically.

6. After doing all this, you can enjoy the view. It will provide expanded graphical experience to make your computing easy and hassle-free.

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