Monday, 22 July 2013

Top 10 Things to maximize the performance of your cell phone


There are many things which you can take care to maximize the performance of your phone. Some important top ten tips are here in this tutorial.


1. Dropped calls problem is the most irritating thing which you need to solve. The perfect solution for this is to optimize your phone’s reception. Other than this, you can also have secondary number for emergency purposes.

2. Use free services like Google Voice to cut down texting cost. Also, an iPhone user can save almost $1000 by switching to a prepaid plan.

3. Excessive use of phone hampers your work productivity. Thus, put off your notifications as well as optimize your phone use.

4. Keep your phone up to date with latest OS, whether it is iOS 6 or Android Jelly Bean. Also, upgrade in every few months.

5. Phone lets you manage your emails, browse the web and entertain yourself when bored. But, at the same time it is a biggest distraction while you are driving or interacting with people. Just use it in an organized way and stay focused.

6. Follow the basic rules of photography while taking photographs. This will let you take good pictures.

7. Enhance the durability of your phone by keeping it in case or protecting its screen with a screen guard.

8. Avoid those apps which you don’t need. Using tons of applications simultaneously makes your phone slow.

9. Improving your typing skills is also important. Choose your type of keyboard out of the five best keyboards available on Android.

10. Don’t waste your phone battery as well as charge it as often as you can.

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