Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Hard Drive Buying Guide for Students


For storing big projects, you need tons of storage space. If you are studying fields like film making, animation or photography then you need to go for external storage. In this tutorial, we are giving you some tips for buying appropriate external hard drive.


Class- You can find external hard drives of two class- desktop and laptop. In order to run desktop-class drives, they need to be plugged into the wall. Also, they are not very portable as well as convenient. Laptop-class drives don’t need a dedicated power source as well as they are slimmer and tougher.

Types of hard drives- In case, you are opting for laptop-class drive you have many choices like Solid state drives and conventional hard disk drives. Solid State drives are shock resistant as well as have no moving parts. If you have weight and space issues then you can go for this one as it is small and light. But, if you want to store hundreds of gigabytes then Hard disk drives are much better.

Think about the speed- Also, you need to consider one more factor which is speed. It includes speed of the drive and speed of its connection to PC. As compare to traditional hard drives, Solid State drives are faster. Whether you are using hard disk drives or Solid state drives, always consider the transfer technology it uses to locate data to the network or PC. When it comes to transfer large files, you need something faster than USB 2.0. For this, your best bets are Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 which offers awesome transfer speed. Furthermore, FireWire is also a faster alternative.

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