Sunday, 21 July 2013

How Can I Block a Number from Calling My Cellphone?


Want to get rid of unwanted calls? Don’t know how to manage your blocking options?? Then we are here with this tutorial to help you further.


For Android

In Android, you have number of suitable apps which can help you to block unwanted calls. It’s Play Store has Call Filter which is the most popular app as well as free. DroidBlock is also available for the same purpose. Further, success of call blocking apps may tend to vary and these are not always effective. Other than apps, you have another option built into Android through which you can send calls directly to voicemail.

For iPhone

Jailbreaking is a process which changes little with each iOS upgrade. Actually, iPhone don’t allow call-blocking apps as well as it doesn’t have any built in call blocking feature. Thus, by jailbroken your iPhone you can buy iBlackList through Cydia.

For any Phone

These methods will work with any phone:

Google Voice

Google Voice is the best way to block calls. It is simple to block calls with Google voice. In this, you have the option of sending calls directly to voicemail, treating all their calls as spam, or blocking them entirely. It works by:

1. Logging into your Google Voice account.

2. Select the call you want to Block.

3. Select the checkbox next to the call or voicemail.

4. Click the "more" link under the call.

5. Choose "Block Caller."

In fact, you don’t need to change your number for this. This can work by using Google Voice for voicemail.

Silent the call

This method is used by many of us. Select a silent ringtone on your phone and then attach it to numbers you want to reject. Ultimately, your phone will be silent when you get call from those numbers. Many call blocking methods falls under the header of Parental Control. AT&T has the feature called Smart Controls and it charges $5/month for the service. For Verizon, you have free call blocking service that can block five callers at a time or you have Usage Controls at $5/month with more features. Also, Sprint users can manage blocked calls from My Sprint account settings.

In case, you don’t like your carrier options go for TrapCall which is an inexpensive service for blocking calls as well as unmask blocked numbers when they call you.

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