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Want to get rid of your old computer? But, remember to erase all your personal information from its hard drive before discarding it. In this tutorial, follow the steps to wipe out the hard drive of your computer for cleaning its data.


Requirements- A blank CD, PC with a CD burner and a 3 CD/DVD burning software.

Precautions- Backup your data before starting this process as once you start the process, all the data will be wiped off.

Steps to wipe the Hard Drive:

1. Place the disk into the CD/DVD drive in the computer you wish to wipe.

2. Restart the machine, and boot to the disc. For setting PC to boot from the CD/DVD drive, you can go to BIOS. Also, you can use a temporary boot option to select "Boot from CD."

3. As the disk loads press "Enter" and choose "M" to get to the method screen. Make sure that the stronger the method you use, the longer it will take for the software to complete the wipe. It can take hours to days in some cases.

4. Select the method and then select the drive you wish to wipe.

5. In case, you have not backed up your data yet then go back and back it all up first.

6. After backing up your data, press F10 to start the process.

7. Allow the software to complete the process before turning off the machine.

This is how you can easily wipe all the data from the hard drive and then discard your computer. For more suggestions, contact Techvedic’s computer support helpdesk, as per below contact-details:

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We would be more than happy to help you. We are available 24/7.


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