Sunday, 14 July 2013

10 Ways to Boost Your Wireless Signal


Boosting your Wireless signal is crucial for managing your professional as well as personal stuff. This tutorial is providing you beneficial tips for enhancing performance of your wireless signal.


1. Working of Wi-Fi routers depends on specific channels. If you are not getting appropriate signals then change the channel. Always check that your router should be using less-crowded area.

2. You often forget to update Router firmware which is a very important task. Always check firmware updates for your router and update it if necessary.

3. Network adapter also needs to be updated. Thus, look for the updates of adapter firmware and update it if necessary.

4. Don’t put the router in close proximity to your modem. If it is already placed then change the position. For more flexibility, you can buy custom length Ethernet Cat 5 cable.

5. DD-WRT is the suitable software for enhancing or boosting router’s performance. This software is not supported by every router and thus, you can check it for your router. Also, if your router is under warranty or business network then this software is not a good option.

6. Setting up a second router is another option. After setting up second router, make them to operate in “access point” or repeater mode. Also, choose the access point from the same manufacturer of your router.

7. Using internal antennas can upgrade your router’s performance. Hi-gain antennas are highly preferred for this purpose.

8. Extending a Wi-Fi signal by using extenders can boost its performance. But, it is tricky to setup extenders.

9. Purchasing new router and adapter is also a good option. Although it is an expensive option yet, it can be chosen if wireless connectivity is crucial for you.

10. Always use the router and network adapters of same vendors. Also, limit other network devices like antennas, repeaters and access points to one vendor.

Now, get the most out of your router by boosting its speed. For more suggestions, contact Techvedic’s computer support helpdesk, as per below contact-details:

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